Why Did Ashton Kutcher Cut His Hair? Demi Moore Divorce?

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Why did Ashton Kutcher cut his hair? Was it because of his Demi Moore divorce? Nope. The Two and a Half Men star’s new clean-cut look had nothing to do with the breakup of his marriage.

Why Did Ashton Kutcher Cut His Hair? Demi Moore Divorce? The reason for the trim and shave is because of Ashton Kutcher’s character on Two and a Half Men, Walden Schmidt. The actor’s first comment about the new ‘do was that “Jesus wanted (his look) back, so I gave it to him.” However, that was not really the reason either, but the joke was certainly funny. Kutcher hadn’t quite gotten to Jesus territory with his scruffiness.

The reason for the change is because of Schmidt’s relationship with Zoey on the struggling CBS show. She tried to force him to change, and he wouldn’t, but when she stopped, he cleaned up his look. That is actually probably how lots of real life relationships end up working too.

The saddest thing about the change is that Ashton Kutcher reportedly enjoyed “looking homeless” with his scruffy facial hair and long hairdo. Of course, the way he looks is part of his job, so this hair will grow back in the future if he’s truly married to the look.

While people often change their look after a divorce, it does not seem that Kutcher did this because of his split from Demi Moore. What do you think of his new, clean-cut look? Do you like it better, or do you prefer his “homeless” look?

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