Why Did Jennifer Aniston Pass Up Spot on ‘SNL’ in Favor of ‘Friends’?

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Jennifer Aniston apparently had an opportunity to be a regular cast member of the famous improv show Saturday Night Live, but instead turned it down for Friends.

This shocking news comes from her Just Go With It costar Adam Sandler, who was on board SNL at the time. Yesterday Adam sat down with Oprah and told the story of how Jennifer almost was a SNL cast member.

“We wanted Aniston to be on the show with us,” Sandler remembered. “I remember being on the ninth floor where [SNL exec] Lorne Michaels’ office was, and seeing Jen come in. I was like, ‘Oh my God, there’s Aniston. Is she about to be on our show?'”

Unfortunately for Sandler and SNL execs she wasn’t interested in the gig and had another job lined up already at Friends.

“She said no? She’s gonna do that ‘Friends’? What the hell is ‘Friends’?” Sandler recalled while laughing. “That was the truth.”

Sandler may laugh now how he and perhaps many others didn’t know what Friends was at the time, but it seems that Jennifer did pretty well with her choice as it was.

There’s just one thing, though. Why did Jennifer choose to pass on being a member of the iconic comedy show and go over to Friends instead?

It seems that she felt it was more of a guy thing than something she’d mesh well with. She claimed that SNL seemed like a “boys club.”

Perhaps this was in reference to the sometimes crude humor that SNL has been known to display. It seems perhaps she was a bit too classy to play that sort of a role and instead went for the safer, cleaner role of Rachael on Friends.

Boys club or not, it seems that in the end everything did work out for everyone involved. Sandler was surrounded with an amazing cast of people on SNL and Jennifer made many years of laughter on Friends. What’s better yet is that Jennifer has hosted the show on many different occasions through the years. It seems like she made the right choice as she’s been able to sample both avenues and shows all at the same time.

Do you think she made the right choice, or do you feel she would  have been better suited for SNL than Friends?

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