Why Did Jon Gosselin Vote For Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the Stars?

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Oops!  Jon Gosselin reportedly voted for Kate Gosselin on “Dancing with the Stars.” Jon Gosselin nodded yes when questioned on video by TMZ about the question of is in a custody battle with Kate Gosselin.

Talk about ugly divorces.  Kate Gosselin has been handing the custody of her children to Jon by being on reality t.v. “Dancing with the Stars.”

According to this video, Jon Gosselin confirmed with a nod that he is in a “Silent Attack on Kate” according to TMZ.

Kate Gosselin is not with her children, and Jon has been the model father spending more and more quality time with his children.  When TMZ questioned Jon Gosselin, he just nodded in agreement that he was fighting Kate Gosselin for custody of their 8 children.  Jon Gosselin never says a word but does nod confirmation.

The interviewer asked if he would like a job as a mime.  Obviously, Jon Gosselin is working with a lawyer and not talking. 

Maybe that’s why Kate Gosselin looks so grim when dancing. 

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