Why Did Kara Alongi Fake Kidnapping?

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Abduction faker Kara Alongi still hasn’t been charged with any crimes, but Clark Police are still reportedly investigating the details behind her disappearance that went viral nearly a week ago. In fact, they’re even acknowledging a rumor that the girl faked her kidnapping all over a fight with a friend of hers. Good grief!

Clark Police Chief Alan Scherb told this source that they can’t confirm the rumor, but they are aware that 16-year-old Kara Alongi was at odds with friends because she was being blamed for an underage drinking party being raided by police days before her faked kidnapping. This could be a potential reason as to why she hoaxed the abduction and ran away.

Hopefully more details come out about this case because the public does deserve to know why Alongi caused such a mass panic regarding her safety. She had the entire world believing (although for a short time) that she was forcefully kidnapped in a home invasion. That’s some pretty heavy stuff to be lying about.

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