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I am sure, by now, most of you have heard or seen the news about Hillary Clinton's 'Rambo moment' that went horribly wrong. For the benefit of those whose television viewing is restricted to 'The Young and the Restless', I shall briefly recapitulate.

During a campaign speech last week, Clinton virtually bragged about her courage under fire (probably hoping to imply that Obama, by comparison, was a wimp). She had spoken about her March 1996 goodwill visit to war torn Bosnia before, citing it as a sterling example of her foreign policy experience (where have you been, Barack?); but this time she got carried away with her own hyperbole.  To quote the lady herself, "I remember landing under sniper fire. There was some kind of greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just read with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base." How gloriously heroic – a lady with iron balls. Only problem was, it was a fib. She should have known that the Obama camp wasn't going to take it lying down. Sure enough, they dug up news footage of the event, which showed Hillary and her party being greeted calmly and ceremoniously by an official delegation, with not even a popgun fired in anger. So, instead of a medal on her chest, Clinton ended up with egg on her face.

The question I ask myself is, why did she do it? What did she hope to achieve? Why did she feel the need to pull out all the stops, even with the risk of being caught out in an embarrassing lie? My interpretation is that it is a sign of desperation; tinged with bewilderment. After all, she's fired almost every weapon that a savvy politician like her keeps in the arsenal and yet, her rival keeps winning Primary after Primary. It wasn't supposed to be like this. She was the favorite, the anointed one. Two years ago, no one had even heard of Barack Obama, for God's sake. And with Republicans banished to the doghouse of public opinion, thanks to their glorious leader, her ascendancy to the number one job was almost a given. And now this? Was it some form of divine retribution? (Hey, Big Guy! It was my husband who broke your commandment about not coveting thy neighbor's wife, remember? Why don't you give him hell?). If she now feels like she's walking blindfolded through a minefield, I can't say I really blame her.

The second question is; how could she have imagined that she could get away with it? In an age where even a hooker like Elliot Spitzer's paramour gets more than her 15 minutes of fame, she should have known that every public moment of a First Lady would be recorded and stored somewhere? For a super smart cookie like Hillary Clinton, that was an uncharacteristic dumb move. Consider me confused.

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