Why Did ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Keep Daughter from Her Grandmother?

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Why did Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham prevent her daughter Sophia from ever meeting her grandmother? Sophia’s dad Derek Underwood died, never knowing he was her father. Now Derek Underwood’s mom–Sophia’s grandmother–is speaking out.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Stormie Clark is unhappy–not only because she’s never met her granddaughter Sophia, but because of some of the things Farrah has said about her late son.

It seems Farrah made several comments about Derek in her book My Teenage Dream EProfile Picturended. She apparently portrayed Sophia’s dad as sometimes thoughtless and immature, enraging Stormie Clark.

“Derek loved Farrah,” Stormie said in an interview with OK Magazine. “He would have never laid a hand on her. They argued just like any normal teenage couple, but he was not the person that she is portraying him to be.”

A source says the feud between Stormie and the Teen Mom stems from years back, when she was dating her late son.

“This feud stems from when Farrah was dating Derek,” a source told the magazine. “She and Stormie did not get along, because according to his mother, Farrah was abusive to Derek and rude to his family.”

Farrah Abraham claims in her book, however, that she loved Derek Underwood, and now some are saying she likely did so for sympathy.

“Derek was the father of the baby I was carrying inside me. He was my first love, my only true love. We hadn’t spoken in more than two months, but crazily I had still hoped we had a future together—me, him, and our baby, as one happy family,” she wrote.

So who is telling the truth here? Did Farrah portray Derek Underwood unfairly in her book or is Stormie Clark simply upset that she’s never met her granddaughter? Either way, it sounds like there’s some serious dysfunction here that should be worked out before little Sophia gets much older–don’t you think?

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