Why did you like the cartoons you used to watch?

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What was your favorite cartoon as a child and why’d you like it?

I had a few favorites, although when I was really young I would turn the tv off unless it was a commercial. I have no clue why I did that, but I did. I still don’t really like tv much, you think that has anything to do with it?

One of my favorites was this one cartoon, I forget what, but there was this hairy guy who had a son, thinking back they kind of remind me of a hairy mr potato head, anyways, this guy and his son were always trying to stop the bad guys from winning a race cause the bad guys cheated. I think that I liked it because it was funny, but the hairy guy also always made some kind of statement at the end, like a moral of the story.

I also liked the smurfs. I know the reason I liked it was because they were all short, as I am. My favorite one was smurfette, but only because she was a girl. I also liked papa smurf and professor smurf because they were so smart. I remember yelling at them trying to warn them that the bad guy was comeing to get them.

I also really enjoyed the muppets, although that wasn’t a cartoon at the time, it was all puppets. I loved every bit of it except when they would cut to the theater seats and those old guys would crack a joke or something. I guess I just didn’t get the jokes they did when I was that young. I sure did enjoy the muppets though, they were really funny, and they did real life stuff. I recently watched an original muppets movie (my mil found it when cleaning, it used to be my husbands when he was a kid).Let me tell you, those muppets are still as enjoyable and funny today as they were then, if not more now, because I get more of the jokes. I plan on buying all the original muppets dvds that I can find for my daughter to enjoy once she‘s old enough to watch tv.

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