Why didn’t actress Jennifer Aniston attend the Golden Globe Awards?

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The rumor Justin Theroux dumped Jennifer Aniston after she threw a temper tantrum over the Christmas holidays has been denied by her reps, but the celebrity couple did not make an appearance at the Golden Globes in 2012. Why?

Gossip Cop was the website that went after In Touch Weekly magazine for their claim that Justin Theroux had packed his bags and boogied out of Jennifer Aniston’s NYC apartment after she allegedly threw a huge hissy fit when he failed to give her an engagement ring.

The website known for trying to bust bad dish says her reps totally denied both the fight and the split and cited the couple skiing together over the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day weekend proved the two hadn’t split. Then, Perez Hilton went on to say the star celebs had gone on a date to see the new film about the West Memphis Three.

But, before you get that warm and fuzzy feeling about the celebrity couple, remember this: most big name star celebs attended the 2012 Golden Globe Awards whether or not they were in a film that was nominated.

The couple most obviously there this year was none other than Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Both looked gorgeous and weary simultaneously—just the way a high-profile celebrity couple with six young children and a hellish work schedule should look at a night-time event.

Celeb gossip sources pointed out that the new movie Moneyball starring Brad Pitt was released just in time for him to make controversial statements about Jennifer Aniston, so she might not have been interested in being at the red carpet gala simply to avoid him.

But Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were nowhere to be seen together or alone on the red carpet. They simply skipped the event, which (of course) begs the question…

Was Jennifer Aniston embarrassed she is not engaged yet to her live in boyfriend (like the rumor mills inside sources suspect)—or was she just trying to avoid being at th same event with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

Just askin’.

What are your thoughts about Jennifer Aniston dating or marrying Justin Theroux? Will they make their relationship more permanent, or will we eventually see some quiet press release announcement asking for the media to respect their privacy during the difficult time of their celebrity split—or will we see them together on the red carpet at special events like the Golden Globes next awards season?

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