Why Didn’t Eric Holder Tell Obama About Petraeus Scandal?

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Attorney General Eric Holder was one of a select few people aware of the FBI probe that involved former CIA Director David Petraeus months ago.

The Obama ally, however, would have the American public believe that he never breathed a word of the case to the president or anyone else in the White House. And after the Fast and Furious debacle, it begs the question why?

Why would Holder not want the president to have a heads up about the potentially hot campaign topic that might have surfaced?

If Holder didn’t tell Obama because he thought he was somehow protecting him, one has to ask what was he protecting him from?

Deniability is one likely explanation, especially considering the fallout from the botched Fast and Furious operation. With Obama being able to deny he knew anything, he was also able to abscond from any semblance of responsibility if something went awry for–or against–David Petraeus.

If the attorney general didn’t tell the commander in chief because he wasn’t sure it was going to lead to anything, then it just shows he hasn’t gotten any better at judging circumstances than he did in the Fast and Furious investigation. And that could mean he needs to be the one to resign.

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Fox News reports that John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the UN can’t believe Holder would sit on this kind of information, making it appear it was a purposefully effort to suppress.

That could only mean that Holder was trying to forestall the inevitable: David Petraeus being charged criminally or resigning on his own, or both.

This should have been a conversation between the Justice Department and the White House if ever one should have occurred according to Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, because Petraeus “was the director of the CIA, not Fish & Wildlife. The implications are massive.”

The Sydney Morning Herald reports on Tuesday that the agent involved in blowing the whistle on Petraeus suspected a cover-up in order to protect Pres. Obama. And that’s why he sought Congress’ help in blowing a lid on the investigation’s findings.

Should Eric Holder be found negligent in his duties for not reporting the investigation to Obama? Or will the FBI investigation eventually reveal that he did, but the president didn’t want anyone to know it?

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