Why Do Companies Do This When The Economy Is So Bad?

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I was reading the latest newsletter from Practical Money Skills For Life.  Although I found the survey interesting, I think was a waste of money to do such a survey when so many people need money. Since I did not participate in this survey, I cannot say how it was done or if there were people hired to do the survey.  However my thoughts are that it was probably an automated phone survey and a computer did up the results.   Again I do stress I do not know this to be fact.

 You can read the results for yourself by clicking HERE.  Here are the details:

Practical Money Skills for Life  2011 Tooth Fairy Survey.  This survey is sponsored by VISA.

Tooth Fairy Feeling Economic Pinch: leaves 40 cents less than last yer, Visa Inc. Survey  Finds.

The survey says that 90% of American children gets visited by the tooth fairy and they receive an average of $2.60 per tooth.  I only get pennies and once in a while I would get a nickle.  Wow, things sure have changed!

It is also interesting to see the difference in amounts given in the different parts of the country.  Keep in mind that the following are the average for each section in the U.S.

In Eastern U.S., the Tooth Fairy now leaves $2.10 per tooth

IN Southern States,  the Tooth Fairy now leaves $2.60

In Midwestern States, the Tooth Fairy now leaves $2.80

In West, the Tooth Fairy is now leaving $2.80


It is also interesting to see that 10% of American children do not receive anything from the Tooth Fairy.  Last year it was only 6%.


Now they do say they have a reason for this survey.  The purpose to to educate the parents on the ways to use the Tooth Fairy money as an opportunity to have the “money conversation” with their children.  They say that it is the simple steps that will embed the principle of saving and spending money wisely in the children’s minds.


Do you give your children Tooth Fairy Money?

Did you receive money under your pillow from the Tooth Fairy?

Did you have a pouch to put your tooth in before putting it under the pillow?

Do you think this survey was a good use of money and time on the part of Visa?

Are you giving your kids less money this year as a result of the economy?

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