Why Do Producers Hate Matt Lauer?

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It’s reported that several long-time producers on the TODAY Show hate Matt Lauer and that the entire crew is in turmoil. What has Matt done to deserve such hate? Is he in any way responsible for all the turmoil?

According to a report from RadarOnline, it seems it all comes down to Ann Curry. Since her firing from TODAY, ratings have dropped and morale has Profile Picturedropped even lower. Rumors swirled prior to her firing saying that Matt was really pushing to get Ann off the show. Even though they were squelched then, they’ve resurfaced again, and now insiders are saying there’s way more truth than the network wants to let on.

“There are several producers that have been with the TODAY Show for a very long time, over ten years, and Matt Lauer is now hated by them because they feel that he is responsible for Ann Curry’s being fired. Ann was tremendously popular with the producers, cameramen, and other staffers of the show because she truly is a team player. Ann was all about the news, and breaking stories, just a true pro,” a source says.

It seems the staff and crew were really very excited to work with Ann Curry again at the Olympics, but she received hardly any air time at all. And Matt’s getting blamed for that, too. They’re even calling him a diva.

“The crew is taking bets about what the cast will look like in one year, and the money is on Savannah Guthrie not sticking around if the ratings continue to plummet. The crew and producers don’t have an issue with Savannah, in fact, they really like her, but they are just getting to know her. Ann was with TODAY for over 15 years,” the source explains.

How much of this do you think is true? Was Lauer really far more responsible for Ann Curry’s firing than initially thought? Will Savannah Guthrie bow out within a few months?

Is this the beginning of the end of the TODAY Show—and all because of a huge ego and some very well-lined pockets?

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