Why does God allow people to be murdered?

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Berf had a post about not believing that God causes disasters like the earthquakes in Chile etc. I agree as I don’t like to think of God as vengeful.

Let me preface my post by saying I am terrible at retaining Bible and most other religous knowledge. So what I am stating here is what either others have told me or my understanding (or lack thereof) of God thus far.

ok on a slightly different topic (than Berf’s) a born again Christian friend of mine believes that if murderers on death row etc. accept Jesus as their personal savior that they, like all the good non-murdering (not counting self defense and accidental things here) Christians are going to heaven.

I have a hard time accepting that murderers can get away with murdering like this.

Her logic is that God gave us free will and he will not interfere even if a person is using their free will to maliciously take someone else’s life.

I tried very hard to think logically about this. I mean what about the babies and people that are murdered? Why does God not give them a chance to have exerted their free will?

I think that most people that wind up murdering intentionally went through some bad things in their childhood. These bad things messed up their brain bad. The murderers abusers also had bad wiring and treated them terribly. (I was interrupted about a million times by my kids so I am really hoping this paragraph makes sense). 

I am curious about others views on why God allows murder and if someone can help me to understand why God allows some people to use their free will but takes the decision away from others?

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