Why Does Kobe Bryant Want Lamar Odom Over Kris Humphries?

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Hall of Fame shoo-ins should not get questioned, right? Some NBA experts might disagree if that man is Kobe Bryant. His hope of bringing Lamar Odom back to L.A. raises questions on why he hates younger options like Kris Humphries.

Derek Fisher and Lamar Odom - NBA Finals Game 7: Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers

Bryant wants Odom and Derek Fisher back with Los Angeles Lakers

People don’t like to argue with winners. Bryant has done nothing but win since he got drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers. What often happen though, especially in sports, is there come a point in a career where even great players grow stubborn in their ways. Though months have passed, the star Lakers guard hasn’t changed his opinion about the last two significant trades his team agreed to. He believes bench man Lamar Odom and point guard Derek Fisher should never have left. They were after all part of the dominant championship runs Los Angeles enjoyed over the last twelve years. Kobe Bryant admitted he will recruit hard for his former teammates to return home when they hit free agency in the summer. If so, he does it thinking the Lakers will improve. Either he’s ignoring the facts or he can’t accept that Odom is 33 and Fisher is 37. Is Bryant afraid of youth on his team?

Not even Kim Kardashian should turn an NBA team off from Humphries

One player that will become available this summer is a surprise star. New Jersey Nets big man Kris Humphries, noted former husband to TV star Kim Kardashian, has played excellent basketball during the 2012 season. His effort and youth (26) make him a clear target for an aged team like Los Angeles. Even the ongoing Kardashian drama shouldn’t scare them away since Humphries has played better no matter how bad things seem at home. That Bryant wouldn’t want a quiet worker like him is a mystery, but not a surprise. Just months ago the Lakers leader freely stated that he didn’t want 26-year-old center Dwight Howard in purple and gold. Most think Howard is the best big man in basketball statistically. Joining the Lakers may have turned them back into championship favorites. Instead trade talks fell apart after Bryant made his comments. Los Angeles stuck with current center Andrew Bynum and has struggled for wins since.

Nobody thinks Kobe Bryant is an idiot. That doesn’t make him a genius. His constant comments about bringing Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian back make rebuilding an old team hard. Kris Humphries is out there, young and eager, battle hardened by his Kim Kardashian problems. There has to come a time when a team like the Los Angeles Lakers should take a stand. If they want to keep winning, it better be soon.

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