Why Does ‘Twitchy’ Kristen Stewart Keep Getting Juicy Roles?

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Kristen Stewart might have impressed most Twihard fans and Robert Pattinson, but some directors and moviegoers don’t think that she’s that great of an actress. So why does she keep getting good movie roles?

The actress has gotten plenty of attention because of her role in the Twilight movies, of course, and it seems like that extremely lucrative series is what is carrying her career right now.

After all, she doesn’t sound like the kind of actress a lot of directors would enjoy working with. According to E! Online, Welcome to the Rileys director Jake Scott had this to say about her awkward acting method: “Directing her is kind of like wrangling a herd of cats.” He also called the actress “wily” and “twitchy.” So it certainly seems as though Kristen is no acting pro, and it probably takes a lot of patience to work with her.

It also looks like Charlize Theron will act circles around her in Snow White and the Huntsman – Charlize looks delectably devious as the Evil Queen, and it’s probably pretty telling that Kristen Stewart is hardly featured in the trailer for the movie at all. The audience is supposed to be rooting for Snow White to win in the end, but right now it’s hard not to hope that Charlize’s sinister sorceress will remain the fairest in the land.

So why cast Kristen when there are so many actresses like Charlize that are more talented? According to E!, it’s partly because Kristen ranks really high on the Davie-Brown Index, which measures the influence and marketability of celebrities. She currently ranks 130<sup>th</sup> out of over 2,900 celebrities in the Trendsetter category of the index, and of course filmmakers would want to cast actresses who score well in such a category – being considered a trendsetter could be seen as a predictor of future success. It also means that lots of young women are currently paying close attention to Kristen and her career.

This probably has a lot to do with her relationship with Breaking Dawn costar Robert Pattinson. As long as people stay interested in the couple, there will be free publicity for any move that Kristen Stewart gets cast in. So basically it all boils down to her getting cast in Twilight.

However, the end of that movie series is drawing near, and Kristen is going to have to prove that audiences will want to see her in something different. Snow White and the Huntsman already looks like it might be pretty successful at the box office, but audiences might ultimately decide that they don’t like seeing Kristen Stewart as anyone but Bella. Plus someone new might come along to take her place — Jennifer Lawrence is starring in another series of movies based on books popular with young adults, so when The Hunger Games hits theaters, she might be the talk of the tabloids as interest in Kristen and the Twilight saga wanes.

So what do you think – when the Twilight saga is over, will Kristen’s popularity start to die down? Or will Snow White and the Huntsman help keep it alive?

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