Why I can't feel sorry for O.J.

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Okay, I cannot resist this one even though I probably should just let it go. We are getting busy today blogging on the latest O.J. Simpson escapade, in which he excuses being in the wrong place at the wrong time because he was running a "sting" operation against sports memorabilia thieves. Wow, "if I were actually able to think, this is what I would think about that"- I would think that rationalization of being caught stealing is too dumb to come out of a human mouth, even his. 

I already read one blogger, who will remain nameless, ask what it is about O.J. that inspires such hatred. Like, golly, he is not the only killer to go free, why single him out? Well, for starters, the fact that he actually sought to profit financially from a double homicide by writing it up as it would have happened if it had happened.  Outside of that he's probably a perfectly nice guy. Not.

Look, the real problem with O.J. is his point of view. He drifts through life with a clear and obvious conviction that he is actually the only live human on the planet. The rest of us are shadows who have been placed here for his convenience and entertainment. No he is not the only human who seems to feel that way, but why excuse him just because he is not the only selfish parasite on the planet. Is it permitted for us to notice a pattern of greed and wickedness in another human? Okay, George W. Bush often shows evidence of partisanship and prizing loyalty over competence. Okay, Britney Spears has been known to act younger than her chronological age, wear too little in public, and engage in drug abuse and elaborate cries for help to the detriment of her two kids. Yes, Michael Vick has been known to flash a middle finger at fans and drown or electrocute his dogs. Is it wicked of us to notice repeated behavior and judge people for it? Sure, anyone is capable of growth and change, in theory. But I don't end up seeing that particular thing happen that often.

I guess what I am saying here is that I think "reputation" is still an okay word to use in conversation. Yes, you are innocent until proven guilty. But if your actions and words demonstrate a pattern of trouble, do not ask me to be too stupid to notice, or too partisan to blame you because I share your political polarity, or too racist to blame you because I share your skin color. None of those things will get you off the hook with me, because I have noticed that selfish is as selfish does.

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