Why is Anna Kournikova Replacing Jillian Michaels on ‘The Biggest Loser’?

Tennis star Anna Kournikova may be in tip-top shape, but does that really qualify her to replace trainer Jillian Michaels on the popular weight-loss reality show The Biggest Loser?

Tenista Anna KournikovaFor starters, Michaels has an in-your-face attitude that, usually, is needed to spur the overweight contestants into action on The Biggest Loser. So what’s Kournikova’s tactic? She said, “Mind is a powerful thing. You can make things happen if you want them bad enough… I know all about discipline, strength and conditioning, commitment.”

Does that mean she’s going to speak in encouraging words and not yell at all? Okay, that could work. No one ever said yelling was the only way to motivate people, but it’s still hard to imagine the beautiful tennis player really getting a distraught and unmotivated contestant off their butt when they refuse to get back on the treadmill, as Michaels has done so many times before.

Yet, apparently the show is taking a new tactic in hiring Kournikova as a celebrity trainer. They supposedly want to focus more on well-being and health, something the tennis star clearly represents. Well, that’s all well and good, but that’s always been one part of The Biggest Loser. The—pardon the pun—bigger part of the show is watching the contestants make huge changes and dropping the weight. Would you turn into The Biggest Loser if it was all about working on self-esteem and health, and not about weight-loss transformations?

Kournikova may be in stellar healthy shape, but she’ll have a lot to prove next season when the newest contestants show up at the ranch.

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