Why is Arnold Schwarzenegger acting like Jesse James lately?

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Hollywood screen actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been doing his own movie stunts lately, acting more like reality television star Jesse James did when he was filming Jesse James Is A Dead Man. What’s driving him to act so recklessly?

The former Governor of California—like James—was caught in a cheating scandal of epic proportions earlier in the year.

While celeb gossip websites are reporting the Governator is doing most of his own stunts while filming his new movie, Last Stand, because he wants them to look more realistic, one has to wonder if—again, like James—he actually has a secret death wish.

TMZ reports, “Arnold Schwarzenegger may be 64 years old, but he’s still bad-ass enough to perform his own stunts … well, except for the one he screwed up and got his head split open.”

They say old Arnold has been keeping himself busy through his divorce proceedings from former television reporter Maria Shriver. He’s been filming Last Stand in New Mexico for nearly two months. Laughing off his head injury, the celebrity senior is still going strong (apparently).

Yeah, yeah… just like the Terminator.

Sources tell TMZ that Arnold Schwarzenegger refused the producers’ offers to have stuntmen fill in for the movie star during the film’s most dangerous scenes. While he says he wants to do the stunts himself for authenticity, he looks like a man who hates himself and feels very, very guilty.

But can you blame him, really? As an actor, a public figure, and role model, the body builder really has gone bust. There is so much riding on the release of his new movie. If box office ticket sales are poor, chances are Arnold Schwarzenegger is likely to be done as an A-List movie star (professionally speaking).

Shortly before Monster Garage icon Jesse James was outed for cheating on his lovely wife, Sandra Bullock, he also started doing dangerous stunts on camera. Claiming he wanted to make great shows on TV, his reality series was taken off the air almost immediately once producers figured out this guy really did have a death wish (because he felt so guilty for cheating, presumably).

If Hollywood producers wise up and stop hiring star celebs who are clearly wrestling with emotional issues, then they would not have to deal with stars who use excuses like they are filming action-adventure movies (or hoping to up television ratings by doing things they know are crazy) to increase the likelihood they will die in an accidental death scenario.

As for Maria Shriver and Sandra Bullock, divorced or not, they really ought to consider taking out lucrative insurance policies on their respective exes that don’t require them to sign a waiver for the men’s dangerous job descriptions or life-threatening hobbies.

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