Why is Bristol Palin in the Final Four – It’s Not Politics According to Her

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Why is Bristol among the final four on Dancing With The Stars? This is a question asked over and over since the announcement that she would dance another week. While Bristol cannot say exactly why she stays on the show, she can say what it’s not. It’s not politics.

LOS ANGELES - NOV 1: Bristol Palin arrives at the Dancing With The Stars 200th Show Party at Boulevard3 on November 1, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA Photo via Newscom

Palin is so sick and tired of all the insinuations that it’s mom Sarah’s hand in her still being there in the top four. “I’m so sick of ‘Bristol has the tea party backing her. She’s got the Republican Party,’” Bristol told Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts at a dancing rehearsal on Friday. “I don’t think that’s true at all.

If it was true, it’d be a very hard theory to prove or disprove. It could be possible that there are Palin fans out there voting to support her that also support her mother. It’d seem a very plausible chance. If there’s a chance of that, then there’s also the chance of the opposite effect – people are voting against her because of her mother or who she is. Bristol clearly realizes the possibility of this.

“There’s no politics involved in this,” Bristol continued. “I think people always focus on how far we’ve gotten in this competition because of my mom and all of this B.S., when really it could work the opposite way. I’ve gotten so many people who just attack me everyday because of who my mom is, so it works both ways,” Bristol told Tony. “There are pros and cons to it.”

In the past Bristol has said that people are rooting for her because she’s the non-star. She’s like each of us at home viewing, only we can save our embarrassing dance moves for in the privacy of our own home and she’s out there doing it in public.

Why do you think Bristol has staying power on DWTS? Will she go all the way? Are you rooting for her or another of her competitors?

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