Why is Jennifer Aniston Stocking Up On Baby Food? What’s Happening? (PHOTOS)

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Jennifer Aniston recently LOST seven pounds on the set of her latest film so she doesn’t look at all pregnant. However, her trailer is loaded with cases of baby food. So what’s the deal?

According to Tracey Anderson, fitness guru to the stars, her most creative way for her clients to lose weight is . . . THE BABY FOOD CLEANSE. Eating 14 servings of baby food followed by a healthy dinner that normal adult humans would ingest is her chosen way of keeping stars like Aniston lean and . . . well, I would figure they’d feel pretty mean on a diet like that.

Sure, Aniston looks great, with her perfect $500 haircuts and her around-the-clock tan, but does she enjoy anything about her life? Seriously, think about this: all she does is exercise, eat baby food, spend long days on sets without a significant other and then retires back into the arms of Courtney Cox when her latest fall-in-love-quick scheme doesn’t work. I long for the days of old when stars looked like they were having fun, hanging out at Chasen’s and eating real food, looking like Ava Gardner and not some walking stick figure.

Would you ever try this diet? Seriously, would you start eating BABY FOOD in order to lose SEVEN pounds? And which baby food would you most like to have? And where are your FRIENDS when you need them, to tell you to eat some real food?

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