Why is Kimberly McCullough Leaving ‘General Hospital?’ Robin Departs ‘GH’ in 2012

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Actress Kimberly McCullough will leave General Hospital early next year. For GH fans, this has to be devastating news. Kimberly’s played Robin Scorpio on the ABC soap opera since she was just 7 years old! Why now? What prompted Kimberly to leave the show? It’s a double whammy, as Jonathan Jackson (Lucky Spencer) is also leaving Port Charles.

According to a post on the official Soap Opera Digest Facebook account, Kimberly McCullough wants to make a career switch: She wants to direct. Obviously a soap opera actor has very little time for outside pursuits, given the rigorous shooting schedules required. If Kimberly wants to change gears, this is probably the only way she can do it. How will Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake be written out? Fiery car crash? Kidnapped while helping orphans in Africa (hey, she’s done that)? General Hospital officials will only say that fans can expect a “poignant and must watch storyline for Robin and Patrick.”

Kimberly McCullough has played Robin on General Hospital since 1985. She did take a 10-year break but she’s been a fixture on the show since 2005. She’s also had an amazing ongoing storyline as a character living with HIV. It’s terribly sad news for fans that McCullough’s leaving, but it’s understandable. And given the volatile state of the few soap operas left on the air, it’s hard to blame Kimberly for wanting to move on.

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