Why Is ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend Googling Her?

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has recently discovered that her boyfriend Gary Head frequently Googles her. What is he trying to find out? Is he delving in to learn more about her questionable past?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, some people might consider Gary Head’s actions to be akin to those of a stalker. Do you think that’s the case here?

Other peoJenelle Evansple think checking up on a prospective spouse’s background via Google isn’t a bad idea at all. What if Gary isn’t a fan of the Teen Mom shows? What if he isn’t privy to Jenelle’s past with regard to drugs, Kieffer Delp and losing custody of her son Jace?

These are facets of Jenelle Evans’ life that wouldn’t have been available to a boyfriend prior to the notion of Googling. A person would have had to hire a private detective or do a fair amount of digging around themselves to find out what they both wanted and needed to know.

Jenelle is questioning why Gary Head has been Googling her–and with good reason.

“Isn’t it weird my bf checks up on me by typing my name into google hahahah,” Jenelle Evans tweeted this past weekend.

Do you think she really feels it’s a laughing matter, or is she bothered by it in one or more ways?

Is the Teen Mom concerned that Gary could be some sort of stalker or is she actually rather afraid of what he’ll learn about her sordid past when he Googles her name?

Which one do you think is a more accurate assumption?

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