Why is the ocean salty? Snooki says Google it!

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On Thursday night’s episode of MTV’s Jersey Shore, Snooki challenged America. While on a date, the pint sized guidette said, “I don’t like the ocean. It’s full of whale sperm.” During her “confessional,” she revisited that statement and said, “Google it!”

Snooki in ChicagoEither people actually believed that Nicole Polizzi could be right or she is the queen of “do as I say” because “Why is the ocean salty?” was the number one Google trend this morning! Well, USGS (which may not be as smart as Snooki) reports that “salt in the ocean comes from rocks on land.” Their website acknowledges folklore but not Snooki and certainly not whale sperm.

Polizzi is really in to animals and was working as a vet tech, you know, before this whole fame thing came and cramped her style.  Saying things like “there’s whale sperm in the ocean” is making her richer by the second… and that’s just not fair. Google it.

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