Why Is There Something and Not Nothing (Thursday’s Writing Essentials: Focus)?

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In a lotus position Sidharta sat beneath the bodhi tree.  He was hungry; he was thirsty; he missed his fiance–he put all these things out of his mind and focused on one thing: finding the truth.  Without the truth, none of the things that seemed to matter really mattered.  So he sat, eyes closed, and took deep slow breaths. 


He shut out images of the war and famine he and his people suffered.  He shut out his grief for those who died.  He shut out his hatred for those who killed them.  He saw only one thing in his mind’s eye: a circle. There was a point of light in the center.  The camera lens of his mind’s eye magnified the point of light.  As it grew larger, he could see it was a cluster of molecules…no…a single molecule…no…a single atom.  The center point continued to grow.  He could see it was not an atom at all; it was a nucleus…no…it was a single proton…a quark…a string.  


Sidharta felt triumphant!  He had never been this close to the truth before!  But his gut told him his journey was not over, so he suppressed his feeling of elation and calmly focused on the center.  Even though it is the smallest bit of matter, a string is not the center of the circle, for it too has a center.  What is the center of a string?  Is it something or is it nothing? 


It was then that the light of ten thousand lamps lit up his mind.  It occurred to him that something and nothing are not separate, but rather, they coexist.  Every object is made up of an infinite number of infinitesmal points that are essentially…nothing.  All things that seem real are an illusion and vice versa.  All things that exist arise from non-existence.  


Put all things out of your mind then focus.  Like Sidharta you will see.   





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