Why it’s hard to stop climate change

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Why it’s hard to stop climate change

The science of global warming is clear and so are the solutions, yet the world is moving in reverse. Why?

Emissions are rising by record amounts, and time is running out to avoid catastrophic warming. What is going wrong and how can the problems be solved?


Politics and economics Getting 194 nations to agree on anything, let alone a re-tooling of the global energy system that drives economies, is fiendish. Yet without an international deal that sets targets for all, no one nation can be certain that others will pull their weight. Outstanding leadership is needed from the big players such as the US and China when talks resume on 28 November.

But with rich nations transfixed by the economic crisis, there’s little appetite to really tackle the climate crisis. That is despite the certainty that dealing with global warming after 2020 will cost far more than acting now. Those promoting a “green new deal”, investing in clean energy as a way of driving growth and jobs, are not winning the argument in enough places.

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