Why John McCain is So "Yesterday"!

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Instead of quoting any article tonight, let me share with you my thoughts of why the McCain camp doesn't "get it", and why John McCain offers nothing new for America.

Senator John McCain is a true American hero.  I admire his past service to this country, his bravery under combat, his time as a POW and his extensive years as a United States Senator who at times has been in the past a maverick, willing to work with Democrats from Senator John Kerry to Senator Russ Feingold.

But he is not the best choice for President.

I am supporting Senator Barack Obama because he represents what America can be and Senator McCain is all about yesterday.

I know it sounds trite but isn't it true?

McCain is unwilling to recognize the errors of our pursuit of WMD's in Iraq and the shameful loss of American life and fortune in that war.  For him, it is surge after surge.  Maybe 100 years of conflict.

Obama says it is time to move on.  We have given the Iraqis the opportunity to deal with their own internal divisions and civil war.  Let us instead concentrate on Osama Bin Laden, you know the 'evil-doer' who led the campaign that resulted in 9/11.  There weren't any Iraqis hijacking planes into the Twin Towers.

Global Warming and the high price of oil?

McCain wants more of the same.  Let's help deal with our dependency on oil by making oil cheaper for Americans with a temporary gas tax "holiday". 

More of the same.

Obama talks about alternatives, investing in Wind and Solar.  Conservation.

Best McCain can do is to talk about "drill more".  More and More.  Yes more of the same.

Obama speaks clearly and persuasively.  He is admired and respected in America and around the globe.

McCain slips on his feet and stumbles on his words.  "Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran"…."Cigarettes kill Iranians", and rape jokes, and jokes about Chelsea Clinton.  His campaign attacks his wife.  The wife that Obama married and stayed with.

McCain.  Well he met his current wife while he was married to another woman…..but that's history.

Obama is about today, tomorrow and the rest of our future.  He has a vision of possibility.

McCain can't even get on the internet nor check his email.

Come on.  This one isn't close.

The media doesn't have a 'love affair' with Obama.  The American people do.

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