Why Kate Middleton’s ‘Style Evolution Has Gripped Us All’

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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and her fairytale romance have captivated women around the world, but her sense of style has brought the fairytale to life. One of the panel of judges for the Harper’s Bazaar awards, which named Kate one of the world’s ten most stylish women of 2011, says: “Catherine’s incredible style evolution has gripped us all. She gave us the year’s if not the century’s most thrilling fashion moment at the royal wedding, and is shaping up as an amazing ambassador for British designers and the high street.” Yes, reports East Kilbride News, her fashion sense is loved, admired—and emulated.

So what is Kate Middleton’s evolutionary secret? File:Kate in Ottawa for Canada Day 2011.jpgSeveral words apply. Chic, demure, understated, with an accent on the last two. And always with hints that Kate chooses her own clothes—she is no fashion line’s mannequin.

Possibly Kate’s style might even be called an evolutionary step backwards, to a time when dresses were not ultra-anything—not impossibly short or tight or made of meat. And while she also favors jeans, Kate Middleton has done more than any other person to bring dresses back into the mainstream of what women actually wear. The Duchess’ choices are unfailingly flattering and muted, with a classic touch. While no one expects startling or shocking color and style combos, they know they will get quiet elegance.

Affordable labels mixed with designer creations—the Kate watcher never knows quite what to expect. But sources seem to agree: The Duchess of Cambridge has earned her place among fashion royalty.

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