Why Louis Tomlinson’s Childhood Doll Obsession Is Disturbing and Creepy!

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When Louis Tomlinson’s Bebo account was discovered by crazed fans, much of the talk about the One Direction star centered on his high school girlfriend, Bethaney Larkman. However, a couple more troubling images with Louis and some baby dolls may be seen as disturbing and borderline creepy.

Yep, photographs of Louis Tomlinson playing with life-like baby dolls is odd. It is actually more than odd, however, that he was photographed throwing punches (or at least pretending to) at the dolls. While some may say that this act is just good humor, others may take a more serious approach and ask whether Tomlinson has other problems.

The questions are endless, and the speculation could run rampant. Would he beat a real baby? Was he beaten? Does Louis Tomlinson have a dangerous violent streak? Why did the One Direction star even have the baby dolls in the first place?

One thing is very clear here. The images are quite disturbing and a bit creepy, and child abuse is no laughing matter, even when you are punching a pretend baby.

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