Why Moderated Sites Often Suck and Have More Trolls

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Imagine that you and some friends are eating at a restaurant. You are engaging in some witty conversation and maybe some spirited debate. Your group might be a little loud, so the waitress tells you to keep the noise down.

Well, that is reasonable, since there are other patrons in the restaurant trying to hold their own conversations, and it is only considerate to keep your conversation at a reasonable volume.

But what if the waitress butted in on your conversation, told you what you could and could not say. What if she took a personal stake in your debate and its outcome, and decided not to serve food or drinks to the parties she disagreed with. And, if you or your friends had anything to say about it, she threatened to ban you all from the restaurant.

Would you ever eat there again?

Of course not! No decent, self-respecting person would put up with that kind of abuse! Fortunately, many restaurants and businesses get it. They understand the best way to attract good customers and keep them coming back is to avoid being incredibly STUPID!

What amazes me most about the internet is how many forum sites insist on being incredibly STUPID. For some strange reason they think adults need a nanny or moderator to monitor their conversations and basically kill the First Amendment, as if the Constitution was drafted by a bunch of girly-men wearing powdered wigs.

Have you ever noticed how much such sites seem to attract the worst customers? Aka: trolls? This isn’t surprising. Decent people don’t feel they deserve to be crapped on or treated like children, so they avoid such sites. Who is left? The very people the moderators were hired to control–the trolls. Hell, some trolls even become moderators at these sites!

By contrast, Gather is a site that attracts the coolest people! The best of the best! They feel comfortable here. They feel free to express themselves. What a concept. Sure, there are some troublemakers, but Gather is wise enough not to put them in charge.

Way to go, Gather!


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