Why On Earth Was Pippa Middleton Pouting?

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Why was Pippa Middleton pouting when spotted on the streets of London on Tuesday? The sister of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge is known for her beautiful smile, so the pout was a definite change of pace.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Pippa looked stylish and very classy as she pouted her way through London. Her red print dress, black trench coat and a red poppy pinned to her lapel made for a stunning ensemble, finished off with black tights and black suede boots.

The weather in London was atrocious–dismal, rainy and damp. Could that be what was making Pippa pout? Aren’t people from London accustomed to dreary days, though? Maybe it’s time for Pippa Middleton to come to the United States and leave the dank and dark London weather behind. Might that perpetuate the passing of Pippa’s pout?

Perhaps Pippa was pouting because she was lugging her laptop case and an ample black bag through the wet weather as she trudged through London. Maybe her $48 dress made by Zara got splashed by inconsiderate passersby.Pippa Middleton Fan Club

Hopefully the sun will come out in London soon, and a smile will take the place of Pippa Middleton’s pout. Such a pretty young woman shouldn’t look so blue–and besides, pouting can contribute to lines around the mouth during the later years.

When it comes right down to it, Pippa Middleton really doesn’t have all that much to pout about. She hobnobs with the royals and has the love of Alex Loudon, a man who is quite good-looking and rich to boot.

Do you think Pippa had a reason for pouting? Was it related to the nasty London weather?

You can peek at Pippa’s pout on this page.

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