Why People Support Illegal Immigrants

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I always have trouble understanding why there are so many American citizens who supports illegal immigrants. But I think I might have a theory.

I think humans are basically selfish. We protect our own positions. If someone else does something bad but it doesn't hurt us, then we don't bother to care.

I have been following the legal process for the last 10 years to become a citizen of this great country. The illegal immigrants cut ahead of me and pushed my application back. They directly threatened me, and maybe that's the main reason I am extremely opposing to illegal immigrant.

Some people never had their jobs taken away by illegal immigrants, never are victims of illegal immigrants' crimes, and never became inconvenienced by illegal immigrants. To them, those illegal immigrants are just characters on the TV news, maybe it's just like watching a soap opera. Even though the illegal immigrants take up the resources and social benefits intended for American citizens only, this is indirect. Most people get their taxes deducted from the pay checks and they never even touch the money. It's not like they take $10 out of their wallet and give it to an illegal alien. So they don't feel a thing when the tax dollars go to the illegal immigrants. And since they don't feel illegal immigrants are a threat, they don't bother opposing to the illegal immigrants.

What do you think about this theory?

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