Why Planned Parenthood will still lose in Texas despite new ruling

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Planned Parenthood might be enjoying a small victory on Monday due to a federal judge blocking Texas from cutting them off from funds right now, but the matter is far from over.

A Texas law implemented last year banned Planned Parenthood from receiving state funds for the Women’s Health Program because they were affiliated with abortion providers–or participated in providing abortion services.

And that is the state’s right, of course, just like the constitution allows.

The Obama administration, as one might expect, retaliated by halting federal dollars to the state, which is his administration’s right.

Texas’s Gov. Rick Perry said the state would find the funds to continue the program minus federal aid since the president wanted to try and force them to fund abortion providers against their will.

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And that’s what Perry did, enabling women in Texas not seeking an abortion to still receive state-funded medical care previously paid for with federal dollars.

It appeared to be a win-win with Texas opting out of federal monies in order to maintain their unwillingness to kill the unborn.

Planned Parenthood (PP), however, was losing money by being excluded from state and federal dollars so eight of their Texas clinics sued the state, hoping to force Texas’ hand in the matter.

The eight clinics claimed they do not provide abortions and should be included in the state funding (despite their obvious affiliation with other PP abortion providers clinics in the state).

That’s a stretch on their part, as the law clearly states that even organizations affiliated with abortion providers are exempt from getting state funds.

However, on Monday a federal judge ruled in their favor–temporarily, citing a concern for the women not getting their abortion needs met due to the crisis.

The Court is particularly influenced by the potential for immediate loss of access to necessary medical services by several thousand Texas women,” U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel wrote in his ruling issued on Monday.

Texas citizens obviously don’t want to fund abortions with state taxpayer dollars, and they didn’t flinch when Obama tried to manhandle them with threats of removing federal funds, as some states might have done.

So it isn’t likely that the federal judge in this case will have the last word either when the Lone Star state digs in their spurs on the abortion issue.

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