Why Real Christianity Isn’t Popular – Donating to Haiti

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Why Real Christianity Isn’t Popular

I’ve been teaching about Jesus and how he lived his life and what he taught on the Internet since 2006. It hasn’t been a particularly popular topic and has created many enemies for me, especially of those who claim to be Christians. Why isn’t this topic popular? Why is it frowned upon?

If I were teaching how Jesus would make you rich, selling the 10 Secrets to Success on the Internet, pushing the best places to get free Internet porn, selling a penis enlargement pill, or anything else false and outrageous, I would have masses breaking down my door to hear what I had to say. People don’t want to hear the truth. They want to hear a marvelous fantasy that grants all their desires without them having to do any work, having to put forth any real effort, or having to exercise some restraint and discipline in their lives. Just tell them that you have the latest and greatest, that they they can obtain wealth in 10 easy steps, that they can lose tons of weight while still engaging in their gluttonous habits, that something is new and improved, and you’ll have all the followers you can handle.

The truth is, Jesus didn’t support war, he didn’t exclude people who weren’t of his faith, he didn’t practice racism, he didn’t ask for money for healing the sick, he taught people to give money to the poor, he taught against divorce, he taught self-restraint, and many other things that would be considered unpopular both to the Christian Right and to others.

Sometimes, I’d just like to give up and jump on the bandwagon seeking fame, fortune, and power, but something inside me keeps me from doing that. Sure, I’d like it if people gave me financial support. Sure, I’d like to live in a big brick house and drive a fancy car. Still, I feel I have a job to do that isn’t getting done.

The truth about Jesus has been so hidden and distorted that it’s hard to recognize it anymore. You can walk into a church 7 days a week and never really learn much about what Jesus did and taught. What you hear of it will most likely be twisted and distorted into some God Bless America and Support the Troops message. As long as they teach what is popular, they’ll rake in the bucks.

I don’t want to lament over this too much. I just want to take some time to ask people to donate something to the people of Haiti. You can donate through the Red Cross, through Doctors Without Borders, or the Mercy Corps and help the people there who are in need. I’m sure there will be countless church groups sending some sort of support or at least asking for donations so they can bring the word of Jesus to the people even though 85% of its population is Roman Catholic and already believes in Jesus, especially after Pat Robertson’s claim that Haiti sold itself to the devil. If you’re going to donate money, donate the money wisely.

Love, Hope, Peace, & Christ Is With Us All,


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