Why Ricky Gervais Deserves to Host the Golden Globes Again

Ricky Gervais stirred up quite a bit of controversy as last night’s host of the Golden Globes; the star took some evil stabs at many celebrities including Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson. His humor, however, brought about an increase in viewers and also a social media uproar.

Gervais brought in a 5% increase in viewers to the Globes this year compared to last year’s program. Despite the small increase in audience share, the Globes were tweeted quite a bit landing itself in the top ten Twitter topics last night. Even if people weren’t watching, they were definitely tweeting.

The surprise Twitterthon does not only show signs that more people are watching, but it also shows evidence that younger people are tuning in. The demographic of Twitter consists of a considerably younger audience than those who normally watch the Globes (middle-aged folks or movie buffs).

This increase in younger viewership is also most likely fueled by Gervais himself — his foul-mouthed, insulting humor is one that would be met with glee from younger audiences versus older ones. So why not keep Gervais in the hosting seat?

What did you think of Gervais as host of the Globes? Does he deserve to host the gig again? Leave a comment below or head over to Twitter with your opinion!

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