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Not that I entertain any thoughts of having regular readers, but I admit it’s been a bit thin this month. I was working on some grown-up writing, and unfortunately this blog fell by the wayside. It’s definitely given me pause, though, all this mass writing. Why blog?

Do you know how blogs originated? They started as weblogs, sites where you could point your friends to all the things you found on the internet that were totally awesome (like the video above). Somewhere along the way, it was decided you didn’t need to have a link on your blog, your opinion was enough to keep people entertained.

For a select few, this is true. Blogs like wwtdd.com are wonderfully entertaining, and I go there just to read what the author has to say. But, for the most part this is rarely the case. Mostly the internet is full of people with free blogger accounts and cheaper opinions. What value does it add. Do you respect what I think? Probably not. If you know me, you probably respect it even less. Maybe, on some off chance, I’ve proven to like something you like so you try the other things I like, but I doubt anyone has stuck around for that long.

No, blogs are, mostly, the chaff of the internet. I studied journalism, and I believe in journalism, and I firmly believe that someone without training (formally or otherwise) can not practice journalism. I believe a healthy journalism industry is necessary for a healthy democracy, and I think that true stories are the only ones that matter.

But, somewhere along the line, we forgot about journalism. And now our journalists are forced to tell the truth and to try not to bog it down with their haphazard opinion. Can journalists have opinions? Of course, but they’re called columnists, and they’re required to do reporting to back up their words.

I fear with the news moving to the internet everything will be watered down, with lowest-common denominator opinions spread for the widest readership and dumbed down language catering to the lolling masses.

So here I am, telling you how awesome Blakroc is and trying to talk about John Mayer’s dick. Am I contributing to democracy? Am I telling someones story to impart some truth? No.

Anyway, be a dear and click that AT&T ad.

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