Why Vote? Politicians Do What They Want No Matter What We Say!

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This really bothers me. A few years back the voters of New York City decided that they wanted a term limit for the mayor to serve. We said that a person could only be mayor for two terms and cannot run for a third term.

New York City's Mayor Bloomberg is due to leave office after his two term stint but he now wants to run for a third term. The people of NYC do not want him to run again because we only want the mayor to be in office for two terms but Mayor Bloomberg has decided to go against what the people of NYC voted for and somehow forced the city council to let him run for a third term. The city council voted on it and they will allow Mayor Bloomberg to seek a third term.

The voters of NYC are furious and we are trying to stop Bloomberg from running again. Bloomberg said that if the voters don't want him as Mayor for a third term then we will not vote for him, but that is not the point. The voters do not want a person to run for a third term but it looks like what we want doesn't count.

Why do politicians bother asking us what we want and what we think if they're going to do whatever they want? Mayor Bloomberg is a very rich and powerful man and I think the city council members are afraid of him so they agreed to let him run for office again.

This is what politics is all about in my book. They tell us whatever we want to hear but then do whatever they want once they get into office. Bloomberg is power hungry. All politicians are power hungry.

It's things like this that persuades me not to bother voting. Politicians ask our opinion but never listen to the answer, nor do they care.

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