Why Was Angelea Preston Disqualified From ‘ANTM’?

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As soon as America’s Next Top Model was over, searches for Angelea Preston shot up. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook were fired up about the model, but not for the reason that you might think. Everyone was asking the same question: Why was Angelea disqualified?

Although she was a good model, many questioned her ability to keep her cool on the carpet as a correspondent. She often produced amazing photos, but also crazy outbursts. Despite that, many were shocked when Tyra Banks announced that information had been revealed that disqualified Angelea.

Again, why?

The only definite answer is that there was a breach of contract, but what that was could be a number of things. One theory (that some are saying they know is true, but you know how that goes) is that Angelea was the winner of ANTM, but she leaked the truth via her Facebook page before the show premiered.

While Angelea was loud, it seems strange even for her to leak something so valuable, knowing the consequences.

A second, more plausible theory, is that she posted information that revealed the final three before the season aired. However, anything that may have been posted on her Facebook page is no longer there, so unless Angelea or the judges come forward, the true reason may never be known.

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