Why Was Mary Kennedy’s Body Moved from Its Original Burial Plot?

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Why did Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. have Mary Kennedy’s body moved from the plot where she was initially buried? Just seven weeks after her first burial, he had her body relocated approximately 700 feet away from other deceased members of the Kennedy family.

According to a report from the Associated Press, it seems RFK, Jr. arranged to have his late estranged wife’s body moved to a nearby hilltop amidst several burial plots he’s hoping to buy.

Does this seem just a little bit disrespectful to you? Does it also sound a bit underhanded–since nonMary Kennedye of Mary’s family were told that Robert Kennedy had her body exhumed and reburied?

Mary Kennedy hanged herself back in May at the age of 52. She had a history of mental illness as well as drug and alcohol problems. It is reported that she took her life after Robert Kennedy was awarded temporary custody of the couple’s four children who range in age from 11 to 18.

Several media calls to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. were made in the last few days, requesting information as to why Mary Kennedy’s body was moved. No one from the Kennedy camp has replied.

What do you think is behind RFK, Jr.’s actions in moving Mary’s body?

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