Why Was Whitney Heichel Murdered?

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The death of Whitney Heichel is a tragedy, a senseless murder with details that are shaky at best. Police are keeping mum on many of the details behind the slain woman’s disappearance and murder, but there are a few new updates that have come through media headlines. First of all, the man police believe kidnapped and murdered her is not only a neighbor of her and her husband, but a member of their church as well. Jonathan Holt seemed to be steeped into more than just one aspect of Whitney’s life, so is it possible that he formed a sort of obsession with her? Could it be possible that they were more than mere acquaintances?

What would drive a member of the victim’s church, a fellow Jehovah’s Witness, to kidnapping and murder? First of all, was it even kidnapping? He lived by her, was acquainted with her husband, attended the same church and was well aware of her daily schedule it seems. On the surface it seems as though she was the victim of a stalker, someone obsessed with her to the point of abduction and murder. However, is it possible that something else happened? Could Whitney Heichel and Jonathan Holt have had some other kind of relationship that drove the two of them to have an altercation?

There are a lot of questions to ask, but it’s probably safe to say that police have asked all of these questions. They are keeping their mouths shut regarding the motive (if there is any) and any other circumstances surrounding the death of the Gresham, Oregon woman. Hopefully they open up soon, or maybe a bigger media source could cite the Freedom of Information Act to the local authorities to get some wheels greased.

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