Why was Whoopi Goldberg on drugs during The View?

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By now anyone who has followed celebrity gossip has heard that Whoopi admitted to being high during a recent episode of The View. But what hasn’t been answered yet, is why.

Whoopi said she needed to take something to help her fly on a plane. She didn’t elaborate in the video I saw. That’s not so hard to believe. Many famous people never get used to flying, and they have to find ways to deal with it. Hockey great Wayne Gretzky, for example, used to sit up front with the pilots because he needed to see where he was going.

But here’s the issue: Isn’t Whoopi a regular on the show? She was never so obviously high before, so what was different about this time? Her plane was delayed to the point where the drugs didn’t have a chance to wear off, maybe? I doubt it. She’s been through the routine enough to know how to time it.

Is valium the more common drug to deal with flight anxiety? Maybe. People who take valium don’t look like that unless they’ve mixed it with a few cocktails or something else.

My theory is Whoopi has a problem. She almost looks like she’s drunk and high. When she got her drink on she may not have cared that it was almost time to go on the set.

But who could blame her? It’s The View, for God’s sake. You have to get that high just to watch the first five minutes of the show, let alone be on it. Whoopi probably couldn’t live with herself anymore. Who could?

What does that tell you about that show? Whoopi was on Hollywood Squares, for Chirst Sakes. That’s the show make famous by washed-up B-rated stars of the 70s like Phyllis Diller and that guy who was on MASH. Whoopi looked like she was half in the bag for Squares, but still nothing compared to what we saw on The View last week.

So what the heck? Let Whoopi do what she needs to do to get through it. Heck, give the guests and the other hosts a dose of what she has. God knows it could only help the View.   


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