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I was talking to my niece, Amber, some time ago about her obsession with basketmaking.  Most of her creations are made from wicker and are decorated with beads, studs, fake jewels and anything else that can take the glue from a glue gun.  She even had one that looked like a coffee filter made from burlap.

“If it’s burlap, wouldn’t it be a bag, not a basket?” I asked.

“If it’s soft and can’t stand up on its own, it’s a bag,” she said. “If it’s stiff, it’s a basket.”

She told me she took the burlap, glued a round piece of plastic from some CD holder, pulled up the sides and ran a thread through them until they looked like the ruffles she wanted.  Then she sprayed the whole thing with fabric stiffener and…

“Wa-laa,” she said, “instant basket!”

“You’re running out of space around here,” I said.  “When are you going to open your store?”

“I couldn’t sell these,” she said, “but once in a while I’ll pack one with bath stuff and give it away as a present.  I guess I’m just a basket case.”

That might be, but she’s still standing up on her own.

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