Wife of Jersey Bridgeman Suspect Avoids the Point

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Accused of murdering Jersey Bridgeman, Zachary Holly is facing a potential capital murder conviction — and if that’s not enough bad luck, it’s being reported that he was recently attacked. That’s not the only update in this case. The wife of the accused child killer released the family’s one and only statement. Though, she seemed to avoid the entire point of this case — that her husband is accused of committing a violent murder.

This is a heartbreaking case that isn’t getting enough media attention, especially with the level of odd behavior surrounding it. Amanda Holly, the wife of Zachary Holly, seemed to completely avoid mentioning her husband even once, while sharing condolences about the death of the six-year-old child. In her words she seems to detach herself from the fact that her husband is the one who is accused of doing this entire thing. Why?

In addition to that update, it was reported recently that Zachary Holly was attacked by another inmate at Benton County Jail. Officials say the man wasn’t severely injured, but it goes to show that sometimes vigilante justice takes over in institutionalized situations — which is why offenders of Holly’s caliber are often put in PC (i.e. protective custody).

The murder of Jersey Bridgeman has a lot of people in a state of shock, anger and distrust for those who surround them since Holly was a neighbor of the slain child. This anger and heartache has plenty of people wanting justice one way or the other, but it should be known that vigilante justice doesn’t always solve anything; Sometimes it creates more problems.

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