WiFi Causes Sperm Damage: Laptop Birth Control?

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Does WiFi cause sperm damage? According to a new study, this is true. Scientists have discovered that WiFi signals from a laptop damage human sperm. Are people developing a generation of childless male net surfers?

According to a scientist from the Nascentis Center for Reproductive Medicine in Cordoba, Argentina, sperm in proximity to WiFi signals for four or more hours die or suffer DNA damage. Findings from a recent study published in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility show that after 4 hours next to WiFi-connected computer, 25 percent of the sperm had stopped moving and nine percent showed DNA damage. One really doesn’t want to imagine how they got the idea for this study. Sperm damage seems to be a real threat.

Away from the computer, semen showed just a 14 percent drop in mobility and only 3 percent suffered DNA damage. Scientist Conrado Avendano says the discrepancy is caused by the electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless communication. According to Conrado Avendano, “Our data suggest that the use of a laptop computer wirelessly connected to the Internet and positioned near the male reproductive organs may decrease human sperm quality.” Any male who hopes for kids in the future should probably keep the jewels away from the laptop for sure.

Evidentially, temperature has little effect. Both the tests were conducted at the same sperm temperature. Does this mean men can count on using a WiFi connected laptop as birth control? Spending the afternoon before a hot date cruising the net with the laptop in your lap is probably not going to work. The results may be even dangerous. If you suffer sperm damage could that mean you increase the chance of birth defects?

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