Wiki Abortion: Pro-lifers are Just Activists

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Wikipedia is in the abortion debate now, and unsurprisingly the site is under scrutiny by pro-life advocates. It seems that Wiki has decided to redefine these advocates as “activists,” which isn’t that big of a deal unless you’re flat-out seeking to be offended at something. What do you call it when you carry signs with exaggerated images of fetuses and protest outside of women’s health clinics? Going to a picnic?

Anyway, Wikipedia is in the right for labeling pro-lifers as “activists” because that is simply what they are. Certainly pro-life groups and bloggers have taken to the net with their feelings about the decision, because everyone knows that the way you perceive yourself is usually different from how you truly are. Some of the ideas for what pro-lifers want to be called on the online encyclopedia include historical scholar, medical professor and educator in a comical combination of terms that absolutely have no ringing as a definition for being “pro-life.” It’s not hard to see why some people are just so confused.

No. The fact of the matter is very simple. Pro-lifers are simply activists who march and protest and spread propaganda like the rest of the activists who passionately try to make their ideals the ideals of everyone around them whether they like it or not.

So get over it.

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