WikiLeaks T-Shirts Sold for Funding

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WikiLeaks t-shirts are being sold as a way to help Julian Assange raise money. On Monday, the website announced it will sell a line of goods using capitalism against itself. The secret-spilling website can no longer raise funds using Paypal and other legitimate sources to collect donations. Now, they are going into business selling T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and anything else that will make them money to keep spilling international secrets.


According to Forbes, “Profits will go to WikiLeaks, after a portion of sales are taken by the e-commerce platform that hosts the store, a company based in Leipzig, Germany known as Spreadshirt.” If WikiLeaks finds a market for their propaganda T-Shirts and other goodies, they can raise a significant amount of money. The group needs it not only to support WikiLeaks but also to support Julian Assange and his legal woes in Sweden. He may be extradited to Sweden to face sex crime charges which of course he vehemently denies.

Is using Mastercard, Visa, and American Express to collect funds for selling souvenirs a way for Julian Assange to get around his financial troubles, or is it a clever guise to get around the credit card companies that have blocked him collecting donations? It seems beneath him and his cause. While he criticizes how others do business, the truth is everyone needs money. His ultimate goal is not clear, but his need for money makes him seem just a bit less noble in his cause, and lot more vulnerable.


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