Wikileaks to release 400,000 classified documents on Iraq war as early as Monday; What are the implications of the leak?

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Wikileaks is set to release about 400,000 documents pretaining to the Iraq war in what is believed to be the largest leak of classified documents ever.

Following up on its release of Afghan war documents, Wikileaks will once again release a boatload of documents that the government would rather remain hidden.

The Pentagon is already bracing itself for the release of these documents and is said to have set up a 120 person task force several weeks ago to figure out what the implications of the latest leak will be.

The documents are expected to be released simultaneously by The New York Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel, the same three media organizations that worked with WikiLeaks on the Afghan War Diary in July. Those 90,000 logs detailed information on Taliban attacks, civilian deaths, NATO strategy, involvement by Pakistan in the insurgency and more, however, they do not seem to have effected the war effort at all according to a government inquiry.

One can only imagine what the Iraq war documents contain. Surely there will be information that may paint the military in a negative light, but officials are hoping that it will not have an effect on the war effort in Iraq or put the troops in harms way.

Wikileaks has reported that its funding has been blocked as a result of the Afghan war leaks and its sure to only get worse for them after they release the Iraq documents. Will the controversy get bigger surrounding Wikileaks? We’ll have to see what happens in the coming week, but the backlash probably won’t be pretty.

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