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Before I even turned the knob on the front door I knew they had arrived and chaos reigned supreme!

My brother inlaw was toying with an antique Samurai Sword that was supposed to be hanging over the wall. My mother inlaw was messing with my expertly arranged flower arrangement and the dog was getting into the biscuits. Christmas and the inlaws had arrived.

We all have these kinds of relatives wacky, opinionated and annoying. We deal with them as they are part of the package when we marry. LOVE ME, LOVE MY FAMILY!

Some are easier to take than others and by the time the visit is over you either need a vacation or respite care in a psych ward.

I am fortunate to be blessed with the kind of inlaws that welcome you with open arms and mi casa es su casa attitudes.  I don’t have to walk around popping nerve pills or chanting an I love my inlaws mantra through gritted teeth. I get to save that for my family. Thankfully my hubby is an easy going guy who doesn’t care enough to let them bother him.  So for all the people who endure inlaws from the bad place –keep the faith Christmas is just one day!

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