‘Wilfred’ Recap: Ryan and Jenna on ‘Letting Go’

While the Wilfred season premiere last week was philosophical and dream-like, the second episode of season two, “Letting Go,” was back to the FX comedy’s old ways: the man dog (Jason Gann) and Ryan (Elijah Wood) fighting as they try to re-establish who they are to each other.

Part of that is Ryan, yet again, pining after his next door neighbor Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann), and the man dog complaining about how Ryan is always so selfish.

Nothing is ever simple for Ryan. He might have a grown-up job now, but he’s the same old guy who just refuses to let go of his dream girl. Jenna is still with Drew (Chris Klein), and they’re still getting married despite the “false positive” pregnancy test.

Jason GannWhile Ryan sees how unhappy Jenna is, it’s Drew who tells Ryan that there’s trouble in paradise, all because Jenna found some legal steroids in Drew’s luggage. Drew’s heart-to-heart with Ryan happens when Drew is playing “fetch” with Wilfred, and the man dog isn’t too great at figuring out the concept of returning the ball, or catching it. But the dog is determined to please his new master, and why not?

“Drew picked up the broken bundle of bones after the car accident,” the man dog says, and that’s more than Ryan ever did for him.

And so Ryan tries to figure life out on his own, and fails miserably. When a sex addict co-worker, Amanda, hits on him, he just doesn’t get it. So Amanda thinks he has a girlfriend. Finally Ryan is realizing he needs to stop being so “stuck,” a perpetual problem for him.

To get unstuck, Ryan is determined to befriend the man dog again, and out on a beach run, he finally discovers how–enroll the man dog in the Health Kibble Incredible Dog Challenge. If the man dog beats Jelly Beans the dog, Drew will finally see him as a champion. And since Ryan is helping the man dog, the dog vows to help him in return. (But when has it ever been a good idea to trust him?)

Unfortunately for Ryan, the training doesn’t go well. The man dog wants a stimulant, and not the over-the-counter stuff, but the “back alley stuff that Kathleen Turner uses.” As always, Ryan gives in, no matter how idiotic the idea is, still unable to grow a spine after everything that happened last season on the FX comedy.

But when the man dog tries to chug the whole bottle of steroids, Ryan finally puts a stop to his self-destruction. Too bad for him it’s already late. In all his “training” with the dog, Drew and Jenna worked some things out, and Jenna claims to be happy again.

Perhaps driven to the edge, Ryan has a new idea on how to motivate the dog; he puts a leash on him. But that just angers the man dog. He destroys the obstacle course and pees everywhere. Still, he gets a participant award, and he couldn’t be happier; Ryan finally upheld his part of the bargain.

Through all this, Ryan has learned something. It’s time to move on and start dating, and he finally asks Amanda out to dinner. But otherwise, Wilfred seems to be back to its old hijinks. What did you think of Ryan finally “Letting Go”?

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