Will a bailout plan for homeowners work?

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MPR’s Midmorning crew brings in guests Alan Zibel, a business writer for the Associated Press and Cheryl Peterson, the manager of the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity foreclosure counseling service to discuss the pending mortgage aid plan.

In a timely commentary, Lawrence Golon of Streamwood, Ill. writes,

“Getting a modified mortgage when you’ve lost your income and have to depend on only one income is a bit impossible! I think the poor guy on ‘Main Street’ is doomed to be poor.”

This made me wonder…What would a successful mortgage bailout plan look like? Play armchair politician with me here for a minute, and describe the economic model that you think would work best.

Interested in the on air piece? Listen to MPR Midmorning: Bailout plan for homeowners: Broadcast 02/18/2009, 1-:06 a.m. ET | 9:06 a.m. CT

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