Will Alex O’Loughlin’s Second Shot at Fatherhood Mean Changes for His ‘Hawaii Five-O’ Character?

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2012 has brought some hard choices and true blessings for Alex O’Loughlin. In March, the actor known for playing the good-looking good guy had to miss one of the climactic episodes of his CBS hit drama, Hawaii Five-O to the dismay of producers and fans to make a harder and better choice for his life, going to rehab to kick a problem with prescription pain medication. Then, proving to fans and his TV colleagues that he was fully on the mend and determined to make Season 3 the best ever, he joined in a traditional Hawaiian blessing ceremony for the start of production. Now, the happiest blessing of all has come along for O’Loughlin and girlfriend, Malia Jones—a baby on the way! It’s sure to be a blessing for the cute couple, but will it mean any on-screen changes in the life of Alex’s alter ego, Steve McGarrett?

Fans may see less of the daredevil side of McGarrett in those stunts, since he has to save more of his strength for late night diaper runs and rocking his bundle of joy to sleep. Steve has a major tender side, as seen in any scene with his sister, or any time his sleuth skills are called upon to come to the aid of part frenemy, part best buddy Danny, in the saving of Danny’s precious “monkey,” Grace. Will Steve be asking more daddy questions of Danno? Only the Season 3 episodes will tell. There is already a more maternal slant to the season, as McGarrett’s mother will be part of the cast, portrayed by Christine Lahti, after putting to rest some of the painful paternal secrets of the past. The new little O’Loughlin will already have a built-in grandma on the set! Wouldn’t it be nice to give baby and mom Malia at least a walk on welcome to the world? It never hurts to dream for Alex O’Loughlin fans!

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