Will an Assassination Attempt Delay November Elections?

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Will an assassination attempt hinder the November presidential elections? AddictingInfo.Org is pointing out some claims made by a conservative blogger that are nothing short of conspiratory, and that’s not all. It seems that Kelly Keilsing, a Republican rep. from Tennessee, is taking part in the spreading these conspiracies, which leads one to believe that maybe something nasty is brewing with the conservatives.

The conservative blogger claims that President Barack Obama is going to fake a murder attempt to slow delay the November elections, but this makes no sense. The guy even went as far as to claim that he had been told by someone in the Department of Homeland Security. This led the Tennessee rep. to forward the story to another conservative blogger who ran with it as well. This behavior just reeks of suspicion, and seems like conservatives are trying any tactic they can think of to hinder progress in November — even if it means staring up another massive conspiracy theory. However, it also should be taken seriously because with the sowing of the seeds of conspiracy comes the influence it has on the crazies who take these kinds of things entirely too seriously.

The animosity that extremists on the far right feel for POTUS Obama is enough as it is without other extremists claiming that the man is going to fake his own murder attempt to affect the election. In fact, just mentioning this sort of thing may inspire some whack-a-doo righty to attempt murdering the man. Hell, maybe that’s the newest plan set in place by ultra conservatives like Kelly Keisling. If you have your empty-headed constituents believing any future attempt is a hoax before it happens, when it does happen they’ll be likely to believe that the person responsible is a liberal plant and not one of their own — making their denial of the facts about their political ideology more swallowable (to them of course).

A comment on AddictingInfo.Org hits the nail right on the head:

“They (republicans) will go to any lengths to incite the insanity that dwells within their ranks, just hoping someone will snap and see it as a call to action. I would say he should be ashamed, but shame has long deserted their party of hate.”

That’s exactly right. It seems that even though Kiesling has since apologized for forwarding the unsubstantiated email, he knew exactly what his actions could cause. The republican party is the party of such people as Sarah Palin, who uses constant gun rhetoric that may have led to the assassination attempt of Gabby Giffords in Arizona. If you peruse discussion boards and blogs run by conservative voters you will often find plenty of violent rhetoric and racial attacks on the current president. There are plenty of online comments expressing the desire to see the POTUS murdered. Even Ted Nugent was “hassled” by the government for some of his threatening comments.

Hopefully news of this so-called “fake” attempt puts Obama more on his toes and security increases. It’s apparent that certain people on the far right have some ideas that are less than savory, and what better way to get away with the responsibility of something so horrid than to convince the sheeple that it was all a conspiracy plotted by the libbies?

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